Overview of M-BIC

M-BIC 2023 is a contest for students to compete for business plan ideas that utilize automated mobility.
Applications will be accepted until May 22!
How to Apply
– To apply for the event, submit your application form to M-BIC office (sec@m-bic.jpn.org) via email by May 22, 2023.
– Download the application form here. If you have any trouble downloading, please contact the M-BIC office (sec@m-bic.jpn.org).
The eligibility requirements for the application are as follows:
– University, graduate, and technical college students (up to 30 years old at the time of application)
– Ability to give presentations in Japanese or English
– Applicants must be able to apply with a team of at least 2 students and a faculty advisor
Concept and Features
– The concept of M-BIC 2023 is to “use automated mobility to make society better and the future more interesting.
– The contest is characterized by the fact that ideas will be evaluated not only from the standpoint of profitability but also from the standpoint of society, such as “whether or not the idea can concretely depict how the lives and experiences of society and customers will be changed.
Contest theme
The contest theme is to “Propose an innovative business plan that utilizes automated mobility 10 years from now.”
– “Automated mobility” refers to objects that can move through public space (roadway/sidewalk/air/sea) without being driven or controlled by humans.
– Typical examples include level 4 or higher self-driving cars, drones, wheelchairs that move on sidewalks, and delivery robots.
– The proposal team is free to make any assumptions about what society will be like 10 years from now, and the proposals that cannot be realized within the current legal system are also acceptable.
– It is expected that the teams will propose new legal systems, changes to existing systems, and issues by backcasting from the ideal future and the future they want to create.
Judging Criteria
– Specific description of a change in society or customer life or experience
– Novelty and inventive step
– Necessity of using automated mobility
– Business feasibility (feasibility, market size, sustainability)
– Depth of analysis (market analysis, technical analysis, social acceptability, organization of legal issues, etc.)

– The Grand Prize (200,000 yen) and the Prize for Excellence (100,000 yen) will be awarded as the organizer’s prizes.
– In addition, there will be a special award.
To apply for the event, please submit the application form. The application form will be accepted until May 22, 2023.
Several workshops with participants from student teams, sponsors, and related ministries and agencies will be held thereafter. (Closed to the public)
– 1st workshop will be held on Jul. 1 (Sat.) @Komaba, Tokyo
– 2nd workshop will be held on Aug. 25 (Fri.) @Kozoji, Nagoya
– 3rd workshop will be held on Sep. 7 (Thu.) @Komaba, Tokyo
– 4th workshop will be held on Sep. 21(Thu.) @Online
The final judging session will be held in Oct. 7, 2023. @Komaba, Tokyo (Contestants must participate on-site. Viewers can watch online.)
Information about the contest is available on the official website and SNS.
– M-BIC 2023 official website: https://m-bic.jpn.org/2023
– Twitter: https://twitter.com/mbic_official
– Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/mbic.official
Reference: M-BIC 2022 Proposal Ideas
The contest theme for M-BIC 2022 was “Propose an innovative business plan utilizing automated driving technology.” Thirteen student teams from 10 universities, graduate schools, and technical colleges across Japan participated in the contest and presented the results of their discussions with participants from sponsoring companies and related ministries and agencies over a period of about six months at the final judging on December 10, 2022.

The proposals of all teams at the final judging can be viewed on the official M-BIC 2022 website in the form of a video archive.

For more information on the final judging and the winning teams, please see below.
Press Release: Winners of M-BIC2022, a contest for business ideas utilizing automated driving, have been selected! The Grand Prize winner is “V-park Virtual Parking Lot,” the Excellence Award winner is “Mystery Tour by Automated Driving,” and the Digital Agency Mobility Team Special Prize is “Automated Driving Business for Optimization of Logistics Systems”